Dan Gieser CEO

Dan started in the wireless industry in 2003 at Midwest Wireless. He specialized in the packet-core and wireless broadband networks. He assisted merging data to Alltel (who purchased Midwest Wireless) and Verizon (who purchased Alltel). After spending several years with Verizon's National and Regional engineering teams he came to Mankato Networks in 2012. His background includes LTE (PGW/SGW/MME/HSS), 3G (PDSN/FA/HA/AAA), IMS core, data roaming, MPLS and general IP routing and switching.

Alexandra Nickels Accounting/Office Manager

Alexandra came to Mankato Networks in November of 2014. She has a degree in Business Management and has plans to continue her education with a degree in accounting thereafter. She is responsible for all the accounting, contract management, and E-Rate solutions and generally keeping the office going.

Mike Davis Director of Sales and Marketing

Mike joined Mankato Networks in 2018. Mike spent most of his 13 years in the telecommunications industry working with other carriers to negotiate and support the inter-carrier agreements. His work in designing and implementing the PRL and mobile phone settings moved him into the Engineering area where he spent time in Systems and RF Engineering. Prior to coming to Mankato Networks, Mike oversaw the implementation and support of a remote data collection service using cellular and ISP connections while also supporting the sales and marketing needs of various dealers and customers. Mike’s spare time is spent cooking BBQ while also enjoying a bicycle ride and the occasional round of golf.